Scope of IC3-2022

Theme of IC3-2022 is designed to be centered around Soft Computing Applications in various domains of Engineeringand Technology. In view of this, scope of the conference includes the following:

Ant Colony Optimization and Swarm Intelligence
Artificial Immune Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Tools & Applications
Artificial Life
Associative Memory
Automatic Annotation
Bioinformatics and Biological Computing
Case-Based and Temporal Reasoning
Chaos, Complexity, Fractals
Cognitive Science
Computational Intelligence
Computational Theories of Learning
Computer Vision and Speech Understanding
Data Fusion
Data Mining
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Data mining for Social Network Data
Data Visualization
Decision Support Systems
Deep Learning
Differential Evolution
DNA Computing
Emotional Intelligence
Evaluation and Refinement of Intelligent Systems
Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary Optimization
Evolutionary Strategies
Expert Systems
Feature Extraction

              Firefly Algorithm
Fuzzy Control
Fuzzy Decision Making
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming
GPU Computing for Machine Learning
Grammatical Evolution
Heuristic and AI Planning Strategies and Tools
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Information Retrieval
Intelligent Software Agent Systems and Architectures
Intelligent System Architectures
Knowledge-based Systems
Machine Learning
Mathematical Optimization
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Parallel Processing
Pattern recognition
Perception-Based Intelligent Decision Systems
Pervasive Computing and Ambient Intelligence
Probabilistic Metaheuristic
Reasoning and Evolution
Recent Trends and Developments
Rough Sets
Semantic Web Techniques and Technologies
Software Agents
Spatial Data Mining & Information Retrieval
Spiritual-Based Intelligent Systems
Web Intelligence Applications & Search

Our Associates

International Conference on Computing and Communication (IC3) is associated with the following organizations from its inception. We also want to invite interested organizations/institutions to associate with this conference.

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